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Wink Harner foreigntype at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 14:47:10 PDT 2020

Hi ATHEN-ites,

I am navigating a faculty training course in Blackboard through CUNY where
I teach. Ironically, it's a course in accessibility & UDL, and one of the
first components to complete is introductions via Voice Thread.

I have experienced some real dead ends in Blackboard when trying to use
Dragon NaturallySpeaking with other components. Voice Navigation does not
appear to recognize any voice commands to navigate the program. When I
reported to the course facilitators that I could not navigate the Voice
Thread menus using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the response I got was
that Blackboard was making exceptional efforts in making Voice Thread
accessible. It doesn't appear to be accessible unless one uses the keyboard
and or the mouse. Does anyone have any inside tips or tricks on how to use
voice recognition & navigation software (yes, you have permission to preach
to me!) Or experience with glitches using JAWS or NVDA in navigation?

Please contact me off-line. Thanks in advance!

Wink Harner
Accessibility Consultant/Alternative Text Production
The Foreign Type

Portland OR
foreigntype at gmail.com

This email was dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Please forgive
quirks, misrecognitions, or errata .
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