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Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Tue Oct 27 15:29:24 PDT 2020

I am ccross-posting because I think this can help some students.

I have attached a file you are free to share.

NLS has a twenty-seven volume Spanish English and English to Spanish dictionary in Braille. But it is formatted for an embosser and difficult to read on a Braille display.

I have taken the first ten volumes and formatted them in to one small file, less than a megabyte, holding all the Spanish to English portion of the enormous dictionary.

Volumes 11 through 27 are the portion for Spanish speakers, English words followed by their translations in to Spanish. It is much longer because it's all in grade 1 and contains many idioms.

The first ten volumes are Spanish words, each followed by English translations in Grade 2. The Spanish words are Grade 1 with accents. You cannot run it through a reverse translator because parts are in grade 1 and parts in grade 2. A human Braille reader however won't have any issues reading it.

I removed the title page, table of contents, forward, preface and all the explanations of parts of speech and conjugations. I kept the abreviations section and all the words. I also kept the letter headings but all other headers and footers are gone.

I removed all extraneous spaces, including only the two spaces that indent each line in an entry. I also removed all double carriage returns but kept the page breaks and page numbers in case you need to refer to the original document.

The original is here:
NLS Catalog number: BRE00010
NLS catalog record with download links:

You need BARD login access to download it, but it is not actually listed on BARD. I think it must have been removed.

Because it is Braille, it is legally considered a "specialized format" so it's fine to share it. It will not be of use to anyone though who doesn't have a Braille note-taker or Braille display. The .brl extension tells some note-takers to make it read-only; you can easily change it to text to see the digital Braille.

You will find this won't emboss properly due to my removal of the formatting. But you can easily cut and paste from it in to something you can then manipulate and format to emboss. Be aware this was prepared way before UEB.

If you are looking for accessible online resources, my favorites are


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