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I wonder if you focus your energies on making the PDF accessible (rather than having two versions) if that’s not the better way to go since that is required by the funder.

Creating two versions requires additional time and, depending on who has control over the content, we run the risk of having the accessible version end up not being kept up to date with the evolving content of the other version. If you have control of both, that may not be an issue.

PDFs that are visually aesthetic and fully accessible does not seem like a bad request to me.


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Can you just create a default CSS Print style for Media=print so that would generates the look and feel you find is desired in the PDF? I wonder if your users are actually going to print or if it is a matter of having an encapsulated version of the info?

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Our accessible, digital versions are done in HTML5. Everything is semantically marked up, bullets are true bullets, lists are true lists, etc. I can easily pull that HTML into an accessible PDF, but the issue I’m encountering is they want the PDF to be a beautiful, print layout that looks exactly like something that would come from the printer.

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If your electronic version is accessible, you “should” be able to generate an accessible PDF version from that. What format is your current accessible electronic version?

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Good morning! We are currently required to create PDFs for many projects because they were promised to funders. We are trying our hardest to push people away from PDFs, but it will be years before we get to a place of zero PDFs.

We always create an accessible digital version, which is what we put front and center, but people still want the PDF available.

How do others handle the situation where you have an accessible digital version, but you still need to have a PDF version?

Amanda Ryan
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