[Athen] Interface for screen reader access to live captioning with Braille display

Todd Schwanke todd.schwanke at wisc.edu
Tue Aug 10 08:26:49 PDT 2021


The following scenarios/questions are based on trying to find effective ways for a refreshable display user to focus on reading live captions (e.g. CART) as quickly and efficiently as possible at the same pace that the captioner is writing. This also is assuming a remote captioner.

Curious what setups you might have used or tried for screen reader users with Braille displays to:

Scenario 1: follow along with live captioning so that the Braille streams or scrolls across the display without the need for user to continuously scroll or navigate to find the newest caption or current line (essentially the user's cursor/place is linked to where the captioner is writing the most recent captions and has the effect similar to a screen reader echoing everything that a user types). In this scenario they may not be able to read back further than the current line or caption, similar to a ticker tape display.

Scenario 2: Same as scenario 1, but adding the ability for the user to scroll back through the captions without interrupting the live captions. When desired they can jump back to sync up again with the live captions.

Setup questions:

1. What interface/application did you provide or did the user use to display the captions?
2. If browser based, which browser was used?
3. What screen readers worked or didn't work?
4. What settings did you have to change on the interface/application and screen reader to get it to work?
5. Which cursor did the user utilize?
6. What limitation were there and what feedback did you receive?

Thanks for any experiences you can share and please take care through this busy fall prep season,

Todd Schwanke (he/him)
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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