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This is quite timely since we are also preparing to have low vision students participate in music classes this semester, some of whom are unfamiliar with Braille music notation. I have evaluated software that is able to apply character recognition to images of sheet music and have found that while they do an amazing job there are enough errors to make me wish for a human in the middle. Are there perhaps sheet music digitization services that anyone can recommend?
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I can help.


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Hello all!

In all my years of being involved with document conversion, this is the first that I've been requested to do music! Yes - I'm excited! I've actually got some great resources from the student's high school instructors who didn't have assistance with converting the scores.

But I'd like to chat with someone in postsec who has some experience with converting to MusicXML and then to braille music. We are also in the process of hiring some student workers who are upper-class level in music education. It's very exciting to talk with these potential employees and see their excitement for music, teaching music, and desire to learn something music-related outside of their typical academics which can be very beneficial for them (and their students) in the future.

Anyone familiar with SharpEye 2? BailleMuse? MuseScore? Would love to talk with you!

Please email me at: hascher at uark.edu<mailto:hascher at uark.edu>!

Stay well all!


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