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I have not worked with systems in a few years, but some of the ones I liked when I was setting up classroom voice distribution systems were from Audio Enhancement<https://audioenhancement.com/audio/>, FrontRow<https://www.gofrontrow.com/>, and Lighstpeed<https://www.lightspeed-tek.com/products/>. All three companies focused on the speech banana to help break out the mic users voice over other sounds in the room.

I hope this helps,

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Hi all,
I have been tasked to find some solutions for staff that will be headed back into the classroom, masked, in order to help with clarity and amplification. Some of these instructors will be in our standard university classrooms, others will be out in the community (where they won't know what is there until they arrive-and may not have wireless access).

We have a few Chattervox (all inclusive) systems in our inventory for amplification--but wondered if anyone had tried anything else before I started my research? Again--this is NOT for students requiring accommodations--but for the whole classroom and to reduce teacher strain.

Thanks for any input!

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