[Athen] Pandoc, EquatIO, Grind EQ, MathType

Krista Greear krista at inclusiveinstructionaldesign.com
Tue Aug 24 15:05:56 PDT 2021

I met with a math professor who is authoring a Linear Algebra book and
wants to make it available via OER. The book is already constructed in
LaTeX (about 300 pages). The current plan is to distribute it as a PDF
because it's visually appealing. But the professor is concerned about
accessibility and is willing to change formats / do some reasonable amount
of work to make it so.

That said, they have already looked at Pandoc and found it to be too
complicated. MathType would require a lot of time to re-create each
equation/expression (or even just copying/pasting the LaTeX into MathType).
EquatIO is a similar story. No comments on Grind EQ's potential.

What are your best recommendations for this professor? What else am I


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