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Christa, the best course of action at this point may be for him just to make the LaTeX source available to people who request it. Anybody can read LaTeX source, though it is awfully cumbersome. But it is accessible. He might try to open it in Tex2Word however. I haven’t used that app in several years, but it was surprisingly good when I did. And the places that it has troubles may not be hard to fix. Back when I used it, the Word document could be read with any screen reader that could read MathType. And it was pretty cheap.

http://www.chikrii.com › products › tex2word


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I met with a math professor who is authoring a Linear Algebra book and wants to make it available via OER. The book is already constructed in LaTeX (about 300 pages). The current plan is to distribute it as a PDF because it's visually appealing. But the professor is concerned about accessibility and is willing to change formats / do some reasonable amount of work to make it so.

That said, they have already looked at Pandoc and found it to be too complicated. MathType would require a lot of time to re-create each equation/expression (or even just copying/pasting the LaTeX into MathType). EquatIO is a similar story. No comments on Grind EQ's potential.

What are your best recommendations for this professor? What else am I missing?


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