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I admit up front I am no expert on Kami. I do know that it's a feature for
Google Classroom. There are free, pro, and professional/business levels.
Pro and business levels require a paid monthly subscription. The only thing
it says on the product comparison sheet about accessibility refers to
specific functions available, i.e., the dictionary, TTS and STT functions,
none of which are available on the FREE version.

Of course *that* mention of accessibility on their product description page
does in no way reflect or indicate what, if any, parts of the app function
with other accessible technologies.

This only adds a tiny bit to the answer you were looking for. Hopefully
more folks can add to this.

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On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 1:55 PM Heather Mariger <
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> Greetings,


> Apologies for the cross-posting.


> Once again, I am turning to you smart people for information on a tool.


> Has anyone had any experience with Kami <https://www.kamiapp.com/>? It

> promotes accessibility features such as text-to-speech and OCR for PDFs but

> I can't find an accessibility statement or VPAT so I am not sure how

> accessible it really is.


> We have a couple of faculty who are really excited about it but I would

> really like to know more...


> Thanks,

> H.


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