[Athen] Two zoom questions

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Feb 5 08:07:16 PST 2021

Here are two questions I got recently to which I could not find an answer.

1) Is it possible to turn off the view of a participants shared screen so it's easier to see either the speaker view or the gallery view? On small screens or with vision problems, students say they often want to see the presenter more clearly and do away with the shared screen. Or maybe they want to just see the shared screen and nothing of the presenter or participants' video. Are either of these possible?

2) If you have configured your settings so your video is always off and you are muted when you enter a zoom meeting, is it possible to tell Zoom to automatically enable your video and unmute you for a specific meeting? This would be handy for people who have difficulty mousing or typing and would like to enter some meetings muted with video off and other meetings, such as classes which require it, to be unmuted and have their video already on.

If you have any links to tech support articles on these subjects, I would welcome them.


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