[Athen] Workflows for print versions of Canvas quizzes?

Todd Schwanke todd.schwanke at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 9 15:48:17 PST 2021


With the shift to online and online assessments, we are receiving more accommodation requests for print versions of quizzes/exams that would typically be taken in Canvas Quizzes.

Checking if anyone:

1. has a good workflow for generating print/Word/PDF versions of Canvas quizzes that doesn't involve a lot of copying/pasting to get the formatting right, remove page breaks within questions, and to merge together questions that are on separate screens when taken within Canvas?
2. has a good workflow that involves exporting questions from Canvas and then using a third party assessment tool to format and/or print those questions?
3. is in conversation with Instructure/Canvas to address the formatting issues or to build this functionality into Canvas?

Search results turn up a number of conversations about this on the Instructure website that reflect that other campuses are struggling with the print output formatting that Canvas provides, but suggested solutions involve the use of some 3rd party scripts and extensions that would have to be checked out further for security.

Thank you,

Todd Schwanke (he/him)

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