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Lucy GRECO lgreco at berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 11 15:01:42 PST 2021

Hello everyone and sorry for the cross posting.
there is a new tool out there i want to share as it's going to be a game
changer for accessibility of online meetings.
scribe for meetings <https://scribeformeetings.com/>with this new tool a
meeting host can upload the slides for a meeting ahead of time and then
share a link to accessible ;versions of the slides that are
automatically synchronized with the presentation during the meeting

how it works
create an account at https://scribeformeetings.com/
once you have done that before a meeting go to the same web site and for
each meeting enter the zoom link and upload the powerpoint slides that
will be used in the meeting. ;note do this as soon as you're sure the
slides are not going to change again as the copy you upload is what the
end user will ;see , not the one on screen.
the tool then remediates the slides and gives you the choice of adding
automatic alt text or not.
Once the system has processed the files about a ;minute or so you are then
given a link to share in the meeting invite and or in the chat of the
meeting and that is it. The link opens a small minny player that the user
can access with their own at in a ;separate window that is synchronized
with the slides on screen. there is a small bot that logs in to the meeting
that watches for when the screen changes so you should make sure to let
the scribe bot join if it asks but that is it smile all the meetings you
create are stored on the server and you can get the link any time to
share with meeting participants. Let me know if you would like a demo I
plan to hold one later this week. thanks lucy

Lucia Greco
Web Accessibility Evangelist
IST - Architecture, Platforms, and Integration
University of California, Berkeley
(510) 289-6008 skype: lucia1-greco
Follow me on twitter @accessaces
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