[Athen] Creating an accessible PDF from a web page

Andrea L. Dietrich adietrich at cornell.edu
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That isn't always the case, in my experience. I believe there are settings you can choose from that change whether the PDF you get from printing or saving to a PDF is text or an image. That said, the PDF will probably still require remediation to be actually ACCESSIBLE, but you should be able to at least get a text-based PDF from most web browsers, in my experience.

I just tried it in Google Chrome, and when I selected "Save to PDF" as my printer I got a text-based PDF. So it's definitely possible.

-Andi :)

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You will only get an image if you use "print to." You need to save as, or use the feature in Adobe Pro to convert a web page into an accessible PDF. Browsers do not have built-in Save to PDF functions like Microsoft Word does.

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When I print a PDF of a web page from Edge or Chrome in Windows 10, I always get an inaccessible PDF.

I haven't needed to do this for a student yet, but I don't understand why this happens. The text of the web page is already available to whatever default driver is printing my PDF. I'm using whatever the Windows default is, though I've tried other solutions.

Before I need to do this for real, does anyone know how to easily print an accessible PDF from an accessible web page?


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