[Athen] Scribe for meetings

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Thu Jun 24 09:06:21 PDT 2021

This four-minute marketing presentation:
Scribe for Meetings: 4-minute mini-webinar - YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH4a4UaEwXg>

Explains the product, which converts slides shared in meetings to accessible presentations.

Has anyone used the product? It seems to me that simply sending the powerPoint file ahead of time to any print-disabled person would work as well, but maybe I'm missing something. For example, the end user needs to know how to pull up a slide show. And this product claims to describe the graphics as well, something that JAWS can do with extra steps.

I will in July be presenting on a panel discussion with the company's owner and I'm curious what people think of his products. They also do other forms of remediation for alternate media.


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