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Hi Wink,

I have not used this service before, but On a whim, decided to open the link
you provided. This service can't be that good, since there is an unlabeled
graphic on their page. Note, I am using JAWS 2021 with Google Chrome, and
Windows 10. But really? I am highly suspicious of any service (especially a
paid service) that claims to make things more accessible, yet has a graphic
without alt text on their homepage.

Tristen Breitenfeldt


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Hi all

This came through my email this morning and I was curious if any of you have
tried this as a solution to alt-text conversions for STEM subject materials.

How well does it work? Is it cost effective? Is additional remediation

Here's a link: https://continualengine.com/

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experience.

Wink Harner

Accessibility Consultant/Alternative Text Production The Foreign Type

Portland OR

foreigntype at gmail.com <mailto:foreigntype at gmail.com>


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