[Athen] PDF validation for multiple files

Alexis Delevett alexis.delevett at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 19:02:28 PDT 2021


I wanted to share the pdfcheck utility
<https://communicatehealth.github.io/pdfcheck/> hosted on the Communicate
Health Developer Blog in case someone else is looking specifically for an
easy to use validation-only tool (not remediation) that is able to do any
type of batch processing. This tool is *extremely *limited regarding the
number and type of tests it runs but if you're faced with a large number of
files of unknown quality it does provide a quick overview of which files
may be *most* problematic.

P.S. The only other free batch processing tool I've found is verapdf
<https://docs.verapdf.org/cli/> which is available as offline software
(incl. for Mac) and can be run on batches using its CLI
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