[Athen] Making accessible info with InDesign?

Hayman, Douglass dhayman at olympic.edu
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I see what you mean about their site, if you're talking about this page for example:


It has an image that shows a summary of what needs to be done in InDesign as a list and then an arrow going over to PDF icon. The image has no ALT tag.

I too have been exploring InDesign today for a couple of reasons.
1. To get some basic understanding of it just in case that is what our campus uses for the student newsletter which is currently made in Canva and exported as a horribly tagged PDF.
2. Level Access told me they used InDesign to create their well done brochure The State of Digital Accessibility then exported to PDF.

Since I'm mid-way through the same journey as you I don't have a lot of info to share, yet.

I did find the early part of this video useful on looking at some of the settings in InDesign that impact making an accessible PDF:


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Hello all, I tried to find info on the Adobe site on how to get accessible output with InDesign. There is a paragraph saying that there is info on that topic, but it has no links, and I have just struck out. If anybody on the list can point me to info on using InDesign for accessible output, I would be most grateful.

I continueo to marvel that the Adobe accessibility web site is itself not accessible. The site violates one of the most fundamental guidelines - of not using things like "click here"... This one has a zillion links, all of which say "read more" and it is not always clear what a given link refers to. Very helpful.


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