[Athen] Petition to open source ETI-Eloquence

tristenbreitenfeldt at gmail.com tristenbreitenfeldt at gmail.com
Mon May 10 10:34:12 PDT 2021


There is currently a petition for Microsoft to open source eloquence. This
could open up a number of doorways. Such as getting eloquence in narrator,
fixing bugs in eloquence so that all characters are spoken such as math
symbols, making it legal to use the add on for NVDA, and much more I am sure
I did not mention!

It sounds like Microsoft absorbed the company Nuance, which is the current
owner of eloquence, and people are optimistic that Microsoft would be open
to the idea of open sourcing eloquence because Microsoft has started
embracing accessibility and open source software over the past few years.
There is already a shocking number of signatures. Please pass it on to
anyone that you know who would be interested in this.

Here is the petition:


Tristen Breitenfeldt


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