[Athen] Making accessible info with InDesign?

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Tue May 11 17:19:03 PDT 2021

It strikes me that everybody is a little bit
right! I think that the graphical user interface
has created the illusion that someone who doesn't
know a lot can use a complex tool to get the
results she wants. Many of these tools, Acrobat
Pro, InDesign etc., are best used by people who
use them regularly, not a casual user. In an
ideal world, our tools would produce accessible
web sites and documents automatically, but we are not there yet.


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>I have been following this thread and I need to finally add my two cents


>As a blind accessibility professional myself, I

>have had very little success with any of the

>Adobe products. Even their basic PDF reader is not great for accessibility.


>My suggestion to all accessibility professionals

>who are producing accessible materials is that

>you change your approach slightly. Instead of

>fighting with proprietary software packages

>which claim to support accessibility, I suggest

>spending a few hours to learn Multi

>Markdown. Multi Markdown is an extension of

>Markdown, which is a basic (but powerful)

>scripting language for producing accessible

>electronic materials which can be converted to

>almost any accessible format such as .doc,

>.docx, pdf, html, rtf, daisy, and .brf formats

>using one markdown (.md) original

>file. Markdown is kind of the swiss army knife

>of accessible file conversion. The syntax for

>Multi Markdown is easy to learn and it can be

>combined with MathML and LaTec for Math and Science content.


>And, a really big bonus is that Multi Markdown

>is also fully accessible for blind and visually

>impaired professionals to produce accessible

>alternate formats- thus finally opening up this

>profession as a viable option for people with visual disabilities.


>So, in conclusion, I suggest scrapping anything

>made by Adobe and checking out Multi Markdown

>for you’re your alternative formats production and conversion needs.








>Tristen Breitenfeldt

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