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What kind of accommodations or AT have you put in place for spelling? Here are the details of the scenario:

Students travel through stations in a cadaver lab, and recall and spell anatomical parts correctly

* These classes have correct spelling of medical words as a course competency; therefore, an accommodation cannot be to not penalize for spelling errors.
* Access to spellcheck on a tablet would be challenging, as we are unsure how to block access to other apps or other sources of information on that tablet
* Instructors are concerned that handheld spellcheck devices such as the Spellex PocketMed Spell Checker give unfair advantages when recall is required, as a student can type in the first few letters of a word and have the correctly spelled word or list of words come up on the screen
* Dictating their answers through something like Dragon Medical would likely not work when other students are present in the lab and can overhear
* Due to time, staffing, and space limitations, students requiring spelling accommodations cannot test alone separately from the rest of the students

Any help you can provide will be much appreciated!


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