[Athen] Google double device security work around

foreigntype at gmail.com foreigntype at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 11:56:22 PST 2021

Hi all ATHENites

Has anyone found a solution or a workaround to Google's new two device sign
in? My (personal) challenges are that the adaptive software I use for voice
navigation & dictation doesn't work on my phone and prevents me from
accessing my work email account(s). This is as significant a barrier to
access as CAPTCHA is: requires physical ability to type and/or recognize
odd shaped letters & numbers (not compatible with screen readers either).

I don't mind answering a security question or verifying my identity, but
not by being forced to use two devices and technology which is not
accessible for adaptive tech.

In the meanwhile, I can't access two principal email accounts I need for

Any workarounds welcome. I've reported this to the Google Accessibility

Thanks in advance.
Wink Harner
Accessibility Consultant/Alternative Text Production
The Foreign Type

Portland OR
foreigntype at gmail.com

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