[Athen] Is MathType/Word being cranky - or is this way off?

Monica Olsson molsson at sbctc.edu
Thu Jan 20 12:57:35 PST 2022

Hi Cath,

What is the Math round table? I'm new to this group and don't know if that is another group or an event that took place. Thank you for sharing the Google doc.

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Hi Justin,

You need to export to HTML or have MathTalk for screen readers to read them in Word.

At the AHG Math access round table, the notes were compiled in a Google doc (yes I have a bit.ly for that too). bit.ly/matha11y<https://bit.ly/matha11y>



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Howdy colleagues!

I owe gratitude to a number of you who pointed me toward resources on piecing together a scalable workflow for LaTeX to MathML/Braille math. Beyond grateful!

I have our team looking at the text and I’m seeing goofy results with the output of MathType and the resulting import in Duxbury for Braille translation.

Would someone with MathType and/or Duxbury experience give this a glance and let me know if you see anything noticeably wrong with this sample page of content? It’s odd because the equations are entered with MathType, but NVDA and JAWS won’t seem to interact with them as math content in Word.

Any advice or insight welcomed!



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