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Thank you for connecting me to your resource, and I also appreciate the heads up about in-person support -- I suppose there isn't a robot for that yet :-)
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Hi Alexis,

I reached out to a colleague who provides this type of support for his faculty. His response is below. I also want to note that you need to look at support for these items. I believe that my colleague has a team of staff who attend any class using this technology in order to get remote students connected and the robots set up – I don’t believe this is something the faculty handle on their own.

Information from my colleague:
We have a bunch of different ways to solve the issue that Alexis put forward.

We break out the Kubi when it is just a few remote students and the class does a lot of small group activities. Each student is on their own Kubi and can work with their in-person peers.

If it is more a direct instruction class with someone at the front of the room, we have shoeboxes with a webcam on a tripod, a really long USB cable and a Jabra wireless speakerphone. The faculty plugs that in and joins the Zoom meeting from the house(instructor station) computer. Good audio and decent video is achieved and they can place the camera wherever they want.

If it is a seminar class where everyone is talking around a conference table, we use the Owl. We also use the Owl for group counseling classes since they are sitting in a circle and the 360-degree view is awesome. The Owl is good for a medium sized room (think conference room)

Finally, if we have an instructor out but wants to allow students to meet in their classroom, we have the Ohmnibot which is a drivable robot. We are experimenting with this one so I can’t yet report back on its usefulness.


Dawn Hunziker

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External Email


We are looking into options for allowing individual students or even groups of students to temporarily attend in-person classes. Is anyone able to share their experience with a telepresence device such as the Double or Owl? We have also heard good things about Kubi.

Alexis Delevett

Alternate Media Facilitator


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