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Hi Kitty,

We have been using a PANASONIC Speech to Text digital recorder. Has some
software that comes with to convert via USB plug to a computer. Students
say it's not perfect but very acceptable results. SONY has a good one too.
If you're using Dragon Dictate and are ready for an upgrade, Nuance has been
packaging one of their recommended speech to text recorders that works well
with their system. All three of these are reasonable (= less than $100).
Don't know if it would do a "live" transcription. I think we may be hoping
for too many quick answers from technology for that! If that's what the student
needs, best go with a CART transcriptionist. Unless the student has a more
significant learning disability, the speech-to-text recorder just might solve
the problem of the student being able to get the notes back in electronic
format which Kurzweil could then read back, thus providing dual input --visual
& auditory.

Amazon has a pretty good selection you could look at online. Key is to look
for the ones that come with what they are terming "translation" software.
It doesn't really "translate," but rather converts the audio to e-text format.
Good luck!

Any more questions? Would be happy to answer as best I can.


Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
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>I have a student with ADD who is a visual/audio learner. She has been

>recording her government class lectures but is finding it very difficult

>to concentrate without seeing the text as well. We have Kurzweil 3000

>and JAWS but I don't know of any way to convert an audiotape to

>electronic text. Any suggestions?



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