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I am confused! If the files are images how does this make the content
available to all?? What about those of us who are blind???

At 09:51 PM 2/18/2008, you wrote:

>Hi Athenites,


>I would like to add to Shelley's rapt endorsement of Mimio: to encourage

>the use of the technology built into the SMARTBOARD. You will need laptop

>or computer in the classroom. The SMARTBOARD takes a photo of what's written

>on the board. These snapshots of what's written on the board are saved to

>the laptop/computer as JPEG images. With a direct connection to the


>the student can see & then save the images and view in enlarged size(s) on

>the laptop/computer. For the advantage of the whole class, if the instructor

>is using the SMARTBOARD with a laptop/computer, s/he can save each class's

>boards as a series of JPEG images and post on the dept. website, class's

>Blackboard or WEBCT for future study sessions or classes, etc., making it

>accessible for one and available to all.


>Mimio gives the student ability to be completely independent in using the

>accommodation. The instructor is key in the use of SMARTBOARD technology

>yet adds a great deal towards the integration of universal design techniques.

>Both have advantages. I guess in weighing one versus the other would depend

>on the limitation of the student's vision and ability to manipulate the Mimio

>camera and evaluate which would be the best choice.


>Hope this is helpful!








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> >Hi, Dave!

> >

> >How about this: a mimio Capture Kit

> ><http://www.mimio.com/products/capturekit/index.php> outfitted with a

> >mimio Wireless Module

> ><http://www.mimio.com/products/wireless/index.php>, allowing the

> >students in question to adapt the mimio display of the board on their

> >laptop to meet their particular needs. Added advantages: I believe

> >the students ought to be able to annotate the image, too, as well as

> >"tag" (capture snapshots of) the board for later reference. Truly

> >UDL, and it works with any whiteboard up to 8 feet by 4 feet.

> >

> >- Shelley

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> >>Greetings!

> >>

> >>I write to you to solicit input and recommendations concerning

> >>capturing information from a board (blackboard, white board, etc.)

> >>for students with vision loss. What I know I need to investigate

> >>includes:

> >>

> >>SmartBoards

> >>Clarity Camera

> >>CarryMate

> >>Onyx

> >>

> >>I am also wondering about using Math Type with one of these devices

> >>and/or using captioning. This is for a Calculus class and ideally

> >>I'd like to figure out a solution that we can use well into the

> >>future and for a variety of classes and for various disabilities

> >>including vision loss, learning disabilities, TBIs, etc.

> >>

> >>Thanks in advance for any and all advice you have for me.

> >>

> >>Dave

> >>

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