[Athen] DNS 8 problem

Mary J. Ziegler maryz at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 25 07:42:02 PDT 2008

We had this problem a couple years ago. To the best of my recollection,
here's the workaround we used:
- give the student administrator account privledges
- have them log in and launch Dragon to initialize it; make sure all
messages are cleared.
- have them log out
- remove their admin privledges and put them back on a limited access

It was a pain to do this for each student that needed to use Dragon, but it
did work.

Hope this helps,
- Mary

Mary J. Ziegler
Team Leader, Adaptive Technology Services
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
ATIC Lab Room 7-143
maryz at mit.edu

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 that I and the dealer
cannot seem to fix. Unfortunately, the manufacturer just tells the dealer,
"It shouldn't be doing that."

I install under the administrator account and everything works fine. I can
log in under a different administrator level account and everything still
works. However, when I log in under a student account (limited), DNS goes
nuts. I get 5 different messages relating to invalid serial number and
initialization errors, DNS will not stop trying to load which means the
errors continue, and I have to shut down the computer to stop the loop. DNS
shouldn't be trying to load automatically, but it does.

I've gone in to the security tab of the Dragon folder and gave full control
to everyone and users, but that doesn't fix the problem. This same thing is
happening on three different Dell computers with 2 different copies of the
software. The computers are running on Server 2003, but were previously
running on Novell and having the same problem. The software is not a
network version but is installed on the local machine.

Anybody got any ideas? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.

Robert Lee Beach
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