[Athen] Two things

Charlie Jordan charlie.jordan at asu.edu
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Thanks for the responses; they'll be very helpful as we try to work out a protocol.

Encoding of ANSI gives playback on a Windows system but crashes the WMP on Mac; UTF-8 is giving weird responses this a.m....not crashing the Mac player but it's also not giving captions on the Windows machine.

Much to learn. I appreciate the help.


Charlie -

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> I'm having problems with an asx file/encoding and playing it thru a Mac with

> Windows Media Player version 9. Depending on the encoding I pick I can either get

> it to play without captioning or make windows media player crash.

What is the encoding that you are selecting?

> Also -- not to beat a dead horse, but if you've been captioning, would you mind

> giving advice about what file formats we should be offering videos in? Many of my

> institution's promo videos are in quicktime and wmv; are there better choices both

> for captioning and "playability" features?

My two favorite formats right now are QuickTime and FLV (Flash Video). Both seem to work across platforms without too many problems. For those who have a resource on campus that can handle Windows Media content, then that can work as well, but I would also offer the content in one of the other formats as well (QT or FLV).

> THANK YOU for the Paypal membership payment thing.

The man you want to thank is Joe Humbert. Give him a pat on the back if you see him at CSUN.

Take care,
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