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This is from my student worker who supports the e-text process here. We
are lucky to have him around ...


The pink is an indicator that there is something wrong with the page
(.tif) ABBYY essentially can't detect the layout of the page. In some
cases the resolution differs on those pages or some other difference is
getting in the way.

The pages can be drawn and re-read manually in most cases without issue.

- Jon

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Hi all, need some help here!

We are having an issue with Abbyy Fine Reader in which all the tiff
backgrounds are pink in Abbyy and the pink seems to be imbedded in the
backgrounds of the pages. The pink does not occur in the source program
or any of the other programs we have opened the tiffs in.

I tried the solution that was found some time back for the same issue
with Capture Perfect but this is a different scanning app and no luck so
far. Any ideas other than not scanning to tiff?

Ron Stewart


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