[Athen] where are you getting your accessibility info?

Shelley Haven shelley at techpotential.net
Mon Dec 7 11:18:20 PST 2009

Hi, Susan!

I use a digital notebook for precisely what you describe. For the
Mac, I use Circus Ponies' NoteBook;, on the PC side, Microsoft
OneNote. My notebooks are set up with numerous dividers (just like a
3-ring binder) with a couple dozen categories and subcategories. When
I find something useful, whether it's on a webpage, in an e-mail, or
some other document (in essence, anything digital), I highlight the
text and images, then "clip" it to the appropriate page in my NoteBook
(this can be done directly from the application I'm working in -- no
need to open NoteBook). The clipped information includes a reference
to the original material as well as a clickable link back to the source.

Because clipping is so quick and I don't have to break my train of
thought, I find I'm more likely to do it, and I know that that problem-
solving tip or quotable quote will be there (and already categorized)
when I need it. In addition, notebooks created in either NoteBook or
OneNote can be shared publicly.

Hope this helps,

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant
Shelley at TechPotential.net

On Dec 7, 2009, at 6:13 AM, Kelmer, Susan M. wrote:

> I am fond of email, and fond of bookmarking sites that are helpful.

> But

> what I NEED is a really good database of information that is readily

> updatable and available for me. I often see things that I think, "I

> might need that someday" and keep the email, which then gets buried

> after another few days of emails never to be seen again, or I

> bookmark a

> site, only to "lose"/forget it in a pile of hundreds of bookmarks I

> keep.


> So much good information comes through on a daily basis, but I don't

> know how/have the time to organize it in a way that would truly help

> me

> the most. If someone could solve that problem, I'd be in heaven!


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