[Athen] where are you getting your accessibility info?

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
Mon Dec 7 12:05:46 PST 2009

Sounds like a very good way for organizing useful notes and references. Can
you tell us how accessible that application is?

Here's how I organize my stuff:
1. For online references, I bookmark them in the browser I am using at the
time. I use XMarks to synchronize all the booksmarks I have across all the
computers and browsers I am using. This will give me always access to the
up-to-date bookmarks. Clearly, I have created 100s of folders and
sub-folders over several years but they are pretty organized and structured.

2. For off-line materials or programs, I upload them in my own secure server
and can access them whenever it is needed. I usually mount the folder where
I have all my off-line files and programs onto the system I am using and can
access them either as local folder or via HTTP access. I use WebDrive
program to mount remote network drive or SAMBA when I am within my Intranet.


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> Hi, Susan!


> I use a digital notebook for precisely what you describe. For the Mac, I

> use Circus Ponies' NoteBook;, on the PC side, Microsoft OneNote. My

> notebooks are set up with numerous dividers (just like a 3-ring binder)

> with a couple dozen categories and subcategories. When I find something

> useful, whether it's on a webpage, in an e-mail, or some other document

> (in essence, anything digital), I highlight the text and images, then

> "clip" it to the appropriate page in my NoteBook (this can be done

> directly from the application I'm working in -- no need to open

> NoteBook). The clipped information includes a reference to the original

> material as well as a clickable link back to the source.


> Because clipping is so quick and I don't have to break my train of

> thought, I find I'm more likely to do it, and I know that that problem-

> solving tip or quotable quote will be there (and already categorized)

> when I need it. In addition, notebooks created in either NoteBook or

> OneNote can be shared publicly.


> Hope this helps,

> Shelley


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> On Dec 7, 2009, at 6:13 AM, Kelmer, Susan M. wrote:


>> I am fond of email, and fond of bookmarking sites that are helpful. But

>> what I NEED is a really good database of information that is readily

>> updatable and available for me. I often see things that I think, "I

>> might need that someday" and keep the email, which then gets buried

>> after another few days of emails never to be seen again, or I bookmark a

>> site, only to "lose"/forget it in a pile of hundreds of bookmarks I

>> keep.


>> So much good information comes through on a daily basis, but I don't

>> know how/have the time to organize it in a way that would truly help me

>> the most. If someone could solve that problem, I'd be in heaven!


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