[Athen] Dragon Dictate for the iPhone and Voiceover

Crabb, Nolan Crabb.15 at osu.edu
Tue Dec 8 13:59:48 PST 2009

After only five minutes of testing, I can say that I managed to create a
message with 100 percent accuracy using Dragon and voiceover. The
buttons could be better labeled, but this does work in conjunction with
voiceover. What a great find.

I still need to play with it more to determine how I can tell with
absolute certainty when I'm recording and when I'm not, but my first
little test, in which I used the extremely unoriginal "testing 1 2"
succeeded. I suppose that "testing 1 2" is really not much worse than
"Watson, come here; I need you" or whatever Alexander Graham Bell first
uttered into his primitive telephone.

The short answer is, this does appear to work reasonably well. But
that's only after five minutes.


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