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Hi E.A.,

Overall, after much experience & consideration, I give it a big Who
Cares. ... But then I'm a long-time proponent of top-posting (when
you open a new message, the newest content is right there, & if you
need context you can read further down...). So it may not be wise to
listen to me. ...

I suppose the "Re7: ..." method is better than "Re: re: re: re: ...",
if I have to choose a method of showing this.

If we're talking about an online forum situation, some sites use
nested lists very effectively to show subthreads. It gets a little
wordy with all the "nesting level 2" indicators (via Jaws in my
case). But this method does show very clearly which messages are
originals & which are follow-ups.

That's my theory. I hope somewhat helpful.


At 03:22 PM 2/5/2009, E.A. Draffan wrote:

>This is a question I have just received and my feeling is that we

>need to get better at using subject lines correctly, but please can

>anyone give me some pointers to good practice.


>"I've been asked what would be the best way of conveying nesting

>structure to screenreader users so that they could understand

>whether a reply was to the original message in the thread or to a

>subsequent message. Do you have any opinions or resources on that issue?"


>Many thanks.


>Best wishes E.A.


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