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Nettie, et al- I'm at a meeting with some Dragon users.I checked with my
colleagues and of the two that are using netbooks one said he's sending it
back because it won't run Dragon properly; which we've heard from several
other users. The other said he's doing okay with Dragon on his. It turns
out the one that's supporting DNS reasonably well is an Acer so we may be on
to something.I'll speak with both of them later this morning and repost.ed.

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Good evening,

I have an Acer Aspire with 1 Gig RAM and 160 G harddrive.and I have
installed DNS 10.1

I did it to test the computer and was pleasantly surprised. I used a
Logitech USB headmic and the recognition was pretty darn good. I had not
problems establishing a voice profile and when I dictated and used vice
commands, the accuracy rate was very good. Since I did it as a test run, I
cannot comment on long term use - just the trial runs with solid accuracy
and document navigating with voice commands. Ed, I cannot comment on full
time use of DNS on the netbook, only the test run that I gave it - I will
give a little workout this summer to see if it serves as a functional option
for more a rigorous user.

I also installed Kurzweil, Clicker 4, BoardMaker and SD Pro, TextAloud,
Read Naturally, Word 2007, Writing with Symbols--- and probably more little

I was amazed that the system not only installed all the software but
actually was able to use the software as it was intended to be used. The
one thing I noticed was that the installation process was slow - so, I
didn't expect it to run as well as it did. --

I installed my HP Officeject Pro L7780 software and scanned papers into
Kurzweil and was able to add text boxes, and added text too. <grin>

I must say that I wanted to add another Gig of Ram on my Acer Aspire but
when I looked at a video how to on YouTube, I decided against it. I did
talk to Acer Support and they said the system can have an addtional 1 Gig
Ram added - but for my needs, it looked like a little too much work.

I did check to make sure that I purchased the second generation with the
right/left mouse click pad located below the mouse pad (not on the sides)
and the system is the 10" screen with the Lithium 6 ion battery. I have
used the system to test the time usage and have had power for about 6 1/2
hours with no problems. Oh yes, I did already own a sony external DVD/RW
drive and that is a need be since netbooks do not have an internal CD ROM

Hope this is helpful --

Oh yes, I purchased it at Costco and did have an issue with the wireless
internet access but, I dont think it was the Acer system. I was out of town
and the hotel had internet access that was popping on and off - when I
tried to log on it woudl crash and the management was having trouble with
access on their own computers. I think their crashing messed up the IP
address; I'm not too techie in that area, but think that is/was the problem
- there were 3 IP addresses - all with different last three digits - Acer
said it was my server, my server said it should be working but could not
explain the different IP addresses - the system log said that 'the computer
has lost the lease to its IP address -- ..... etc., All I know was that I
couldn't log on. Returned the system to Costco and got a quick exchange,
just asked than why I was returning it. The good news is that the cosst
had been reduced by $20 since I purchased it 6 weeks ago. Good tech
support from acer, because the system was under the 90 day warranty, they
suggested I send it in for them to make the necessary fixes.

I felt better about just exchanging for a new system but, now I need to
reinstall my software -- Pooh!

Nettie Fischer

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Has anyone attempted to run Dragon on a netbook? If so, what was the
performance like?

Thank you,

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