[Athen] Mac vs. Windows for low vision & speech recognition

Christopher Doucet christopher.doucet at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 07:33:03 PDT 2009

Hi Howard,

Most of the Mac keyboard shortcuts are activated when using VoiceOver
along with the Zoom feature (setting the VoiceOver cursor to follow the
mouse and keyboard cursors will also allow the user greater ease of
access with Zoom). The most troubling part of the situation is
MacSpeech Dictate. The software works well with simple dictation, but
the commands are awkward and not always recognized by the software.
This has slightly improved with recent updates, but I am still not
pleased with the commands. If the user wants only to dictate papers,
then a Mac should suffice. If they want to navigate the computer using
only their voice, I would recommend a Windows machine.


Chris Doucet
Academic Computing Analyst
Teachers College - Columbia University

Howard Kramer wrote:

> Hello All:


> I'm working with someone who needs speech recognition and moderate

> screen enlargement - not necessarily through zoomtext - enlarged font

> and operating system scheme would probably suffice. This person is

> pushing for a Mac. I know the new Mac Speech Dictate is supposed to be

> very good but does anyone have an opinion on the Mac platform for this

> type of situation. I also worry about keyboard control through the Mac

> - my memory is that you don't have as much keyboard control.


> Thanks,

> Howard



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