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Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 11 09:53:46 PST 2010

> can you use the YouTube caption software
> to add captions and then bring that into
> another software program?

The short answer is Yes. If you have a transcript of the video, one
solution would be to upload the transcript and let YouTube perform the
auto-timing function to generate a time-stamped file. You can then
download that time-stamped file.

The time-stamped file from YouTube (using the auto-timing function) will
be a "SBV" file. The recent version of MovCaptioner will allow you to
import a SBV file where you can make changes to the timing, etc.
MovCaptioner is just a captioning application for the Mac platform ($40,
but has free trial period). You can import a SBV file and then export a
SRT file - Todd S. mentioned this workflow in a previous e-mail.
MovCaptioner supports *a lot* of different file formats to import and

If you already have a captioning application that supports the SRT
format (but not SBV), then you can use this Website to convert YouTube's
SBV to the SRT format -
http://www.gidsgoldberg.com/sbv_docs_converter.shtml . Then you can
make any changes, export a SRT file from your captioning application,
and upload back to the YouTube presentation.

Take care,
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