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Sean, Terry, John, et al,

Thank you for that great feedback. I've been in contact with AST. I'll be
checking out the other resources also. I've tried transcribing one of the
videos myself. I see what a task this is. I remember Dick Banks used to
demonstrate using voice recognition to transcribe a file - not directly from
the original speaker, but by repeating the audio into Dragon Dictate instead
of using the keyboard. Any recommendations on processes/software for doing
the transcribing would be most welcome.

[Sean, on a side note, can you add hkramer.atsol at gmail.com to the listserv.
My emails directly from gmail get bounced back even though it's supposed to
mimic my colorado.edu address.]


On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:53 AM, Sean J Keegan <skeegan at stanford.edu>wrote:

> > can you use the YouTube caption software

> > to add captions and then bring that into

> > another software program?


> The short answer is Yes. If you have a transcript of the video, one

> solution would be to upload the transcript and let YouTube perform the

> auto-timing function to generate a time-stamped file. You can then download

> that time-stamped file.


> The time-stamped file from YouTube (using the auto-timing function) will be

> a "SBV" file. The recent version of MovCaptioner will allow you to import a

> SBV file where you can make changes to the timing, etc. MovCaptioner is just

> a captioning application for the Mac platform ($40, but has free trial

> period). You can import a SBV file and then export a SRT file - Todd S.

> mentioned this workflow in a previous e-mail. MovCaptioner supports *a lot*

> of different file formats to import and export.


> If you already have a captioning application that supports the SRT format

> (but not SBV), then you can use this Website to convert YouTube's SBV to the

> SRT format -

> http://www.gidsgoldberg.com/sbv_docs_converter.shtml . Then you can make

> any changes, export a SRT file from your captioning application, and upload

> back to the YouTube presentation.



> Take care,

> Sean


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