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I've received this particular response from Cambridge before, but I actually have the time right now to delve into this. How have you - any or all - dealt with this? I've requested to speak with the permissions manager at Cambridge to discuss the discriminatory nature of their decision, but thought I'd put this out here to see what others have done.

RE: Atmospheric Pollution: History, Science, and Regulation Mark Z. Jacobson Hardback 9780521811712 Paperback 9780521010443 Adobe eBook Reader ISBN 9780511252594


I just received my first email from them. Actually, I do not have a problem with their process IF (NOTE: IF) the ebook is open for screenreaders. There is the rub, hey?! I emailed the rep back and asked if that is the case. (Sorry, but I am doubting this fact right now.)

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