[Athen] Daisy and docs and docx

E.A. Draffan ea at emptech.info
Wed Jun 22 14:31:05 PDT 2011

Just a quick one... I have been trying to send up docs and docxs to
Robobraille to convert to Daisy and each time I am getting back the error
log saying it has failed. I have tried both tagged and untagged documents.
I have converted the same documents using Pipeline and Dolphin Publisher on
my computer and used AMIS to read the versions made with success (docx with
Save as Daisy)

I have used the email service and the web page service - has anyone had
similar problems? Or is there any other free online service available or an
open source API that could be used to do a similar task?

Also is anyone using epub as an accessible format instead of daisy as there
seem to be more of these conversion tools available with support on mobile

Many thanks for the help.

Best wishes E.A.

Mrs E.A. Draffan
Learning Societies Lab,
ECS, University of Southampton,
Tel +44 (0)23 8059 7246

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