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Terrill Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
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Greg et al,

I'm interested in being part of this effort as well.

Terrill Thompson
Technology Accessibility Specialist
University of Washington

On May 10, 2011, at 10:48 AM, "Ron Stewart" <ron at ahead.org<mailto:ron at ahead.org>> wrote:

Thanks for those of you who stepped up to the plate on this, Greg since you already volunteered do you want to pull something together. Before we move forward under the ATHEN umbrella I want to make sure everyone is on the same page. It probably would be best to setup a smaller discussion group on this topic as well.


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If we coordinate our accessibility efforts with Google we will be able to prioritize the accessibility features they work on and be able to help Google understand that this is a long term effort and responsibility.


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The University of Michigan is in contract negotiations with Google. We told them that we were holding off negotiations until they could show us an accessible version of Google Apps. I expect to be a member of the pilot here on campus so I can evaluate its accessibility before a campus-wide rollout. They are trying to publish a more accessible version of Google Apps by fall. I am going to wait to evaluate the updated version (or a substantial number of micro-upgrades). I do know that they are working closely with the NFB to reach a settlement, so I do expect real change, but the proof is in the pudding.

I think we surprised them with our firm stance, but we told them that even though the NFB is happy with Google's progress, that wouldn't stop the NFB from coming at us should a student file a complaint here. And that is not a risk we're going to take.

I would be very interested in participating in this group. I agree with Jon and Greg that Google would welcome the effort, and it will help keep them on the right track.


On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 9:14 AM, Greg Kraus <<mailto:greg_kraus at ncsu.edu>greg_kraus at ncsu.edu<mailto:greg_kraus at ncsu.edu>> wrote:
Hi Ron,

I've been talking with some members of the Google Apps for Education
Team about this and have offered to coordinate with ATHEN an
accessibility interest group to work with Google like we have done
with Blackboard and Elluminate/Blackboard. We are a Google Apps campus
so we definitely have a vested interest in this. So far Google has not
taken me up on this offer.

I can say that Google is keenly aware of the issue and is trying to
address it. We at NC State have built some relationships with the
Google Apps for Education Team so I am happy to coordinate an ATHEN
interest group if others are interested in participating.


Greg Kraus
University IT Accessibility Coordinator
Office of Information Technology
North Carolina State University

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Sean J Keegan <<mailto:skeegan at stanford.edu>skeegan at stanford.edu<mailto:skeegan at stanford.edu>> wrote:

> Good morning folks, hope you are staying above water!


> I have received several request for ATHEN or another unbiased group to do an

> objective evaluation of the accessibility of the current version of Google

> Apps. This would be of a similar nature of our work on the iTunes work we

> did a few years back. If you are aware of anyone who has already done a

> compressive, cross disability evaluation that is great and I will pass that

> on to those who have inquired.


> At this point I am needing someone who has the time and available bandwidth

> to take a project of this nature on and to be the leader of the project.


> Ron Stewart


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