[Athen] reported problems with SPSS 19 and jAWS 12

Kenneth Elkind Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu
Mon Nov 14 07:02:27 PST 2011

Has anybody experienced consistent crashing of Jaws 12 and instability
of SPSS 19. We are a machine running XP service pack three.

Has anybody else experienced similar issues and come up with a solution.

This issue has been reported see below

Kim Wrote:

This is what I've learned so far:

1) SPSS versions 16 through 18 worked on Windows XP service pack
II. Using their directions with JAWS version 10 and 11. I used this
combination on a laptop computer for several years.

2) SPSS version 18 running on a UMass Windows computer with a
Windows XP operating system with JAWS 12.0 is extremely unstable
(crashes JAWS and SPSS though not the entire system). This problem is
disruptive enough that the two cannot effectively be used together.

3) SPSS will not work with JAWS on any 64 bit computer; this is
documented by IBM.

4) SPSS version 19 will cause a Windows XP, service pack III.
Operating system to crash soon after start-up. One can't even get around
to seeing if JAWS 11 or 12.0 will work. I don't know if IBM has a patch
for this issue.

SPSS19 is currently the version that UMass students and staff on campus
have access to, though there are some staff still using 18.

IBM is part of an accessible technology group on LinkedIn and I would
strongly suggest that if students and or staff run into problems with
JAWS and SPSS they post the issue on this social media site. I believe
it is vital that IBM be publically accountable for issues; after all,
the company is actively marketing and selling their product to public
universities and other large employers, knowing the accessibility is
limited at best and fraudulent at worst

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