[Athen] Re: Error in MathType 6.8 and Word 2010?

Wink Harner wink.harner at mesacc.edu
Tue Jul 31 11:40:01 PDT 2012

This solution solves YOUR immediate problem. Glad folks were quick to
respond. It is probably not, as you pointed out, the optimal solution for
the principal users in alt text production. Is there a programming / bug
fix coming as a result of your inquiries?

Thanks for keeping us posted on developments.

On Jul 31, 2012 11:01 AM, "Sean J Keegan" <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> > This behavior is by design, to combat the poor baseline alignment

> > issue in the modern versions of Office. This prevents the shifting of

> > text following an equation at the end of a line, for instance where

> > you insert an equation, and the text that follows it will shift to

> > subscript style.


> Thanks for the follow-up Steve. I got word back from Design Science

> support as well with the same registry edit.


> Not exactly an ideal solution to edit the registry and I sent Design

> Science a note about that issue as well. I completely understand the "why"

> (and waiting for Microsoft to fix bugs can be an exercise in patience), but

> this seems to be a rather "heavy-handed" alternative. I made a suggestion

> to Design Science if they could include a switch in MathType that could

> enable/disable the space after an equation. For general users, I get the

> solution, but for those doing alternate format creation such a solution is

> just not realistic.


> For those who may have missed the fix, here is the registry change:

> Set the regkey for "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\**Design

> Science\DSMT6\WordCommands\**NoSpaceAfterInline" to 1.


> This will remove the extra space that MathType 6.8 automatically enters

> when you insert an equation into a MS Word document.


> Thanks again for your help Steve.


> Take care,

> Sean


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