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Not sure about equation editor as I use mathtype but with mathtype you have the option to publish out as images or a math page compatible with IE and MathPlayer. Choose the latter and it will read fine with any screenreader that can call to MathPlayer (e.g. Jaws). Check whether equation editor also has this option.

You can also use Scientific Notebook, also has the option to export as a math page, rest is the same as above.

Infty is another option, pricey and squirrelly but it works reasonably well for those who get the hang of it.

Hope this helps.

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It's been a while since I've asked for help on the list... mostly only have time to read, but today I received an email from a colleague asking for assistance in making Math accessible to TTS applications.

We have noted that the Equation Editor in MS word creates equations that are effectively images and thus not accessible for TTS applications.
Does anyone have an editor or similar tool that can produce TTS compliant equations?

Can anyone pass along any helpful advice that I can in turn pass along



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