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Dear Friend of Learning Ally:

We need help getting in touch with blind or visually impaired students in a
college setting to share their academic experiences as part of a research
study. Would you be willing to help us by reaching out to some of your
contacts who might be interested in participating in a paid research study
and sending them the message below? By better understanding these
experiences, we will be able to create something to serve these students
better. Your help will let us reach this goal. We would like to recruit all
of our student participants by early August so that we may begin learning
from them from just before the start of the semester (August 28 - September
5th, depending on the school). We'd greatly appreciate your assistance in
passing on the word and contacts this week and next. Please feel free to
copy and paste the email below to students you think may be interested.

To: All higher ed students

Subject: Seeking blind or visually impaired college students to help
understand the higher ed experience as part of a research project

A respected educationally-focused non-profit is excited to launch a study to
better understand the academic experiences of blind and visually impaired
college students. Through this semester-long study, we will learn how blind
and visually impaired students prepare for the semester, collaborate with
their peers, use media and resources, make progress and overcome challenges.

Who is a great fit for the study?

We are looking for a variety of students: College Freshmen, Sophomores,
Juniors and Graduate level students at both 2- and 4-year public and private
institutions. We are looking for students from across all the majors as well
as those taking developmental courses. We are interested in students who
already use audiobooks as well as those using other media and resources
(Braille, online courses, other campus services). Because the study has a
small sample size (12), we would like get to know the more typical or
average student - someone whose experiences would be similar to their BVI

What does the study involve?

The study has been designed to allow students to share their experiences
with us at their own pace and in their own words. Over the course of the
semester, students will be asked to leave voice-mail messages to reflect on
their successes and challenges. At two points in the semester, researchers
will meet with the student to further discuss and observe their academic
experiences. Student participation will be compensated at several points in
the semester and students will be able to withdraw from the study at any
time and for any reason.

Who is speaking to the students?

Conifer Research, an ethnographic research company that helps create new
services to improve people's everyday lives
(http://www.coniferresearch.com/), has been commissioned to lead this study.

Interested student participants should contact Ksenia Pachikov via the
information below to apply.

Ksenia Pachikov

phone: 646.321.3003

email: Ksenia at ConiferResearch.com

By better understanding the college experiences of blind and visually
impaired students, we will be able to create something to serves these
students better. Your help at the start of this journey will let us reach
this goal.

Stephanie Turner-Scott

Customer Support Manager


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