[Athen] Which Software are folks using for Ebook Production?

Ron Stewart ronrstewart at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 11:14:47 PDT 2014

My preference as well, been using it since V2, and its batch processing
features are awesome. If you purchase the corporate addition of Abbyy you
get some of the same functionality but definitely not as integrated.

Ron Stewart

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I've used Omnipage longer, and it has a batch function that I really like (I
can batch OCR overnight and come in to find files ready to be worked on). I
also like how it deals with tables.

That being said, Abbyy is awesome for foreign languages. It is also a lot
more user-friendly than Omnipage, but I'm use to Omni so I usually use it
before I go to Abbyy.

Susan Kelmer

Alternate Format Coordinator

Disability Services

University of Colorado


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