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Emma Cliffe E.H.Cliffe at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jul 22 09:42:30 PDT 2014

Dear Susan,

If I understand it correctly running conversion to MathPage is using
Word's conversion tools for some of the work. This is likely to be the
issue with the page numbers, as far as I am aware Word does not convert
headers or footers when converting to web formats. This was certainly
true in Word 2003 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/212270 and I imagine
is still the case as one might ask what a header or footer is intended
to be in this format since the whole document is converted to a single
page - I understand why you want the numbers in this case but you'll
have to include them a different way.

I am running Word 2010 with MathType 6.9. The footnotes issue is only
occurring in some conversions and I can explain what is happening and a
nasty fix but it looks like a bug. Not sure whose bug though, could be
Word or MathType. Publish to MathPage you have 5 options for MathML in
6.9 (fewer in earlier versions I imagine). Some of these will not
trigger the bug but they may not be the format you want. Some will
trigger the bug.
1. HTML + MathJax: Produces a .htm file with MathJax handling the
rendering of MathML equations. Will not trigger the bug.
2. XHTML + MathJax: Produces a .xht file with MathJax handling the
rendering of MathML equations. Will trigger the bug.
3. XHTML + MathML: Produces a .xht file with native rendering of the
MathML equations. Will trigger the bug.
4. MathPlayer (IE behavior): Produces a .htm file with equations which
will only be rendered by MathPlayer + IE<10. Will not trigger the bug.
5. Multi-browser (UMSS): Produces a .xht file with equations in MathML
using the universal MathML style sheet. Will trigger the bug.

The bug is that whenever you have a footnote the XML is incorrect and
the bug is only occurring in the xht outputs so it is caused by whatever
is responsible for producing the XML (Word?). E.g. you get:
<p class="MsoFootnoteText"><a href="#_ftnref1"
name="_ftn1" title=""><span class="MsoFootnoteReference"><![if
!supportFootnotes]><span class="MsoFootnoteReference"><span
New Roman";
EN-US;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>[1]</span></span><![endif]></span></a> <a

The incorrect portions are:
<![if !supportFootnotes]> which should be <!--[if !supportFootnotes]>
<![endif]> which should be <![endif]-->

The only way for you to fix this, that I am aware, is to open up the
exported source in a suitable editor and hand fix all such errors or to
write a script that does this for you.

If anyone else has any ideas or comments on the above it would be great
to hear them. If anyone knows for sure whether this is Word or MathType
then we could also report the issue. I will try and follow it up with
some contacts I have who may be able to shed some light but this could
take some time.

Kind regards,

On 22/07/2014 16:38, Susan Kelmer wrote:


> We are getting a lot of requests for math of late, and this has not

> been our strong point in production. So, we're still in a bit of a

> learning mode. We've discovered a few things, and need some help.


> When converting to MathPage after editing our Word document using

> MathType, we are finding two problems:


> a.We put page number in the header section of word documents as a

> matter of routine. The page numbers disappear in the finalized

> document, and we're not sure why.


> b.If we have footnotes (we use the footnote function in Word to create

> them), the output to MathPage fails.


> None of us working on conversions (me or my student staff) are "math

> people," so we are doing some struggling but making our way through.

> If someone could help us with these two issues, we'd be grateful!


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> /University of Colorado/


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