[Athen] Touch Up Reading Order issue on Adobe Acrobat Pro

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Thu Dec 3 13:23:19 PST 2015

I have had real problems with creating PDF forms from old Word documents
(pre-DOCX versions of Word). In my experience, not even saving the old DOC
as a DOCX solves the problem. My standard recommendation now when doing
forms from Word is to recreate the document from scratch as a DOCX (if it
did not begin life as a DOCX) and then use the Make Accessible Wizard.

I have talked to a number of folks, though, who are just skipping Word
entirely and recreating forms from scratch in Adobe Pro itself using Adobe
FormsCentral. The folks who use that method swear by it.


Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
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It looks like the tool used to create and export the PDF is adding garbage
to the tag tree. Perhaps both the good text and the gibberish are in the tag
tree, and when you re-order them the good tags are getting moved. Have you
looked at the tag tree as well as the reading order?

Finding the original document and either making it accessible or figuring
out a better way to export it are probably your best options.



Madeleine Rothberg

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Hello Listers!

I am working on making a student survey form accessible, but I am having
issues with assigning a logical reading order. When I first open the PDF
file, Read and Write's PDF Aloud can read it OK (just in a bad order), but
after I start reordering it, it begins to be read as jibberish! I attached a
screen shot pointing out what I mean. Just in case if the attachment doesn't
go through, something that used to be read as "Fall 2015 Student
Satisfaction Survey" is now being read as "FGHHIJKLMNOPQRSOING."

I have been unable to find any mention online of "PDF tagging changes read
text to jibberish" and in general I am not sure what to enter into Google
here! Any insight would be appreciated! In the mean time I am going to see
if I can get my hands on the original file, maybe it was not a PDF file
originally and I can make the original file accessible instead.


Adam Kosakowski, M.Ed.

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AccessAbility Services

Western Connecticut State University

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