[Athen] BrailleNote and editing Google Docs

KRISTA L. GREEAR greeark at uw.edu
Wed Dec 30 12:04:48 PST 2015

Cross posting apologies.

My BrailleNote user just tested reading Google Docs and editing Google Docs. This is their experience this morning.

“My review:

1. Yes I can read google docs documents.

2. No I cannot edit them within traditional means. What I mean is that according to the rules of google docs, or what google calls google drive these days, you should be able to edit the document strait from google itself. I cannot do this. However, I have a work around. Since I can read it I can copy and paste it into another document which means that I can then edit the document from keyword then email it back to my teamates who can then put it in the document.”

Any additional insights about how to use BrailleNote to edit Google Docs without the work around?
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