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I've had the pen record audio but not link to the book. Did you try another
On Feb 12, 2015 4:45 PM, "Sean Keegan" <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hello all,


> I have a student using a Livescribe pen in which the pen appears to be

> recording all handwriting even when the student is not writing on the page

> (see attached screenshot).


> The notes the student has recorded in the physical notebook look correct,

> with legible spacing and notes. The audio appears to be recorded as well.

> However, when the student then imports this recording into the Echo

> Desktop, the page is a mass of green scribbles that appear as if the

> student has written over the top of her notes repeatedly. Additionally,

> there are lines drawn diagonally from the end of the notes on one line (on

> the right side of the page) to the next line below on the left side of the

> page.


> To me, it appears that the camera is malfunctioning and recording ALL

> movements of the pen even when the pen is not in contact with the paper.

> So, as the student takes notes from left to right, you get a lot of

> diagonal lines stretching across the page and obscuring the actual notes

> taken.


> I thought initially that the student may have used two Livescribe

> notebooks with the same number and color (e.g., two gray notebook #6), but

> the student is only using one notebook at this time and I did a master

> reset on the pen before loaning it out.


> Has anyone else experienced this before with these pens?


> Take care,

> Sean


> Sean Keegan

> Associate Director, Assistive Technology

> Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University







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