[Athen] Error with Livescribe Pen

Doug Hayman dhayman at uw.edu
Fri Feb 13 08:28:01 PST 2015

Just a guess but would it be that the user keeps the pen low enough to the
paper, when not writing that it the laser part is still registering with
the proprietary paper?

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 4:45 PM, Sean Keegan <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hello all,


> I have a student using a Livescribe pen in which the pen appears to be

> recording all handwriting even when the student is not writing on the page

> (see attached screenshot).


> The notes the student has recorded in the physical notebook look correct,

> with legible spacing and notes. The audio appears to be recorded as well.

> However, when the student then imports this recording into the Echo

> Desktop, the page is a mass of green scribbles that appear as if the

> student has written over the top of her notes repeatedly. Additionally,

> there are lines drawn diagonally from the end of the notes on one line (on

> the right side of the page) to the next line below on the left side of the

> page.


> To me, it appears that the camera is malfunctioning and recording ALL

> movements of the pen even when the pen is not in contact with the paper.

> So, as the student takes notes from left to right, you get a lot of

> diagonal lines stretching across the page and obscuring the actual notes

> taken.


> I thought initially that the student may have used two Livescribe

> notebooks with the same number and color (e.g., two gray notebook #6), but

> the student is only using one notebook at this time and I did a master

> reset on the pen before loaning it out.


> Has anyone else experienced this before with these pens?


> Take care,

> Sean


> Sean Keegan

> Associate Director, Assistive Technology

> Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University







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