[Athen] difficulty with Pearson pdfs

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Thu Feb 19 11:47:58 PST 2015

The first thing I would check is to see if there is a size limit on your
e-mail inbox. More than one campus has engaged in this same "we sent it, I
did not receive it" discussion only to find that the file size was too big
and the campus server rejected it.

Good luck!


Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
HTCTU Director


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I wondered if anyone else is having difficulty accessing Pearson
Alternative Textbooks thru either Access Text Network, or thru Pearson
directly. I am still waiting for books I requested at start of semester,
January 5, 2015. The third party they use to send the download of the book
has not gotten to me although they state they have sent it. Trying to solve
this problem with my IT department, ATN and Pearson, Wamnet has been
involved and ongoing. Just wanted to check in and determine if this is
happening elsewhere.

Please share/advise as I feel like I'm running in circles.



Karen L. Schneider, MRC, CRC

Adaptive Equipment Specialist

Sinclair Community College

444 West Third Street

Dayton OH 45402

(937) 512-2136

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